1.-What is Sphemory?

It is the guardian of your memories.

Sphemory is your life sphere.  The place where you can gather together and keep your personal history and that of your loved ones.  Using Sphemory, you can immortalise your legacy and also include the memories and lives of those who have gone before.

It is a space where you can pay tribute to and remember your family who have gone before.  Don’t let time take away your memories.  Your memories, feelings and experiences will be on Sphemory forever.

It is your very own social network.

2.- Who have we created Sphemory for?

For whoever wants to protect their legacy and immortalise their memories.

For whoever wants to leave their mark, who wants to be present in the future by building their own life sphere to include everything they do not want to be lost, which will last forever.

For whoever wants to guide their loved ones with their experiences and convey their wisdom using Sphemory Life Tips.

For whoever wishes to leave a record of their last will, whether legal or sentimental.   In this way your loved ones will not have to make decisions for you when you are no longer there.  You can include all your wishes in Sphemory Life Will for when you are no longer here.

For whoever always wants to be there in the life of their loved ones and walk with them every step of the way with Sphemory Time time capsules.

For whoever wants to express their feelings, send condolences at the most difficult times, wherever you are, using the Sphemory Forever book of condolence and tributes.

To remember our loved ones who have left us with love, paying tribute on their In Memoriam space.  Remember them with images, experiences and memories stored in Sphemory Forever, where their life will be immortalised.  Sphemory Forever In Memoriam will be their forever home.  Their new home, which we will have access to whenever we want, to see them, listen to them and read what they have written.

3.- What can I do in Sphemory?

Save anything to do with your life that you would like to last forever.  Photos, videos, remarks, memories, experiences, poems, wishes and recipes.  You can live forever in your sphere.  Keep your memories alive.  Build spheres with your family containing your life stories, preserving everything that binds you together.  Safeguard your treasures and most prized family secrets.

Build your legacy throughout your life, live forever.  Remember your loved ones who have gone before.  Create a space where you will always find them, where you can pay tribute to them and receive condolences.  A place where you can immortalise them.

4.- Who can I share my legacy with?

With your family.  You decide which spheres are public and which you would prefer to be private.  You can keep your treasures to yourself and share them with your loved ones when you wish.  You decide how to protect and share your legacy.


5.-What are treasures?

Your good times, memories, images, videos, desires, experiences, documents, your audio files, your songs, poems, recipes, etc, that you want to be remembered forever and share with your present and future loved ones.

Vida y Obra

6.- What is Sphemory life?

Sphemory life is your history and your personal legacy.  Whatever you want to last about you and about who you are. How you want to be remembered by those around you now and those still to come, who will get to know you.

Your own life book. Immortalise your essence, your history and your personal legacy.

7.- What are Sphemory life tips?

What you want to pass on to your loved ones to guide them through life.  Share what worked for you so they can guide your family.

Share the values that you would like those around you to live by, that have helped you to solve problems in your life and avoid tripping up on the way.

8.- What is Sphemory Will?

What you want to settle before going.  Our farewell is not just about papers.  Sometimes there are many more things that we want to settle but it is not always possible.  You can leave your last will here so that your loved ones can respect it and safeguard your last wishes.

The majority of us know what we want our last goodbye to be like and how we wish to be sent off.  Now, with Sphemory, we have the opportunity to leave our last wishes written down.


9.- What are time capsules ?

You can create messages for the future that you would like to leave programmed so that they are seen on the date you choose.

Time capsules mean that you can leave your greetings, wishes and advice so that they reach your loved ones.  This means you can always be there for your family’s most special moments.


10.-What is In Memoriam?

This is the place to honour and remember your deceased loved ones, where they will rest forever.

You can save all their memories and their legacy here forever.  You can always be with them.

11.- What can I do in In Memoriam?

Keep the memory of our family, their presence and their life, alive posthumously.  Ensure that their legacy and their history transcend forever into future generations.

Pay tribute to them, send condolences and share your memories with your loved ones.

12.- What is the In Memoriam platform?

The only place where our loved one will rest and be remembered forever.  Where all the messages of condolence, tributes and digital obituaries will remain forever.


13.- What are tributes/obituaries?

The means to express and send heartfelt condolences.  Paper tributes become digital here.

Send your message of condolence to family and friends and it will be on In Memoriam forever.

14.- What makes Sphemory different?

It is the only platform that lets you bring your whole life together, on different media, in a single place.  You can put your past, present and future life onto a digital space where it will be immortalised and which can also be shared with your loved ones in private.

It is a replica of you, which will last forever and where you can also include your desires and wishes for when you are no longer here.

It adds value to what you value.  It is a simple way of always being by the side of those you love and sharing times in your life with your loved ones, both now and in the future.

It ensures that all your memorable moments are saved in good order in a safe place.

15.- What can I share on Sphemory?

Anything you like: images, videos, text and memories, etc.  Your drawings, recipes, songs and poems.  Everything that brings you together, represents you, what you love and want to last.

Your memories, your knowledge and your life experience.  Your posthumous condolences and tributes.

16.- Why is it important to have your own sphere?

Because your life is the most important thing you have and what it means should not disappear with you when you go.

Because, on the day you are no longer here, you want successive generations to know you, remember you and know more about you.  Share your moments and theirs with them.

Because technology invades and consumes us, but now it gives us the opportunity to last over time.  Leave your legacy to humanity immortalised on Sphemory.

Because in this way you can preserve all the good things you have done, forever.